Instagram Influence E-Course

Instagram Influence E-Course


In the Instagram Influence E-Course you'll get access to the step-by-step process I use to grow my Instagram following with real, ideal clients. Using the process I'll teach you, I was able to gain clients from Instagram and grow my following to over 10k in under a year!

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Inside the course:

MODULE 1: Defining Influence

  • Why claiming your Influence will outsmart any algorithm change
  • The 6 things you must do to be influential

MODULE 2: Establish Your Brand

  • Why establishing your brand's values & beliefs will make or break attracting the right following
  • Why building consistency through branding leads to sales
  • How to make quick decisions for your brand so you know what to post and what NOT to post

MODULE 3: Your Influence Type

  • Why influence is crucial for your business
  • How to gain permission to promote, so you won't come off spammy
  • Discover your influence type

MODULE 4: Identify Your Ideal Follower

  • Why attracting the right follower saves you time and money
  • How to get the right kind of followers

MODULE 5: Design Your Profile & Feed

  • How to make your feed instantly attractive to your ideal followers
  • Define your feeds photography style and grid style
  • Create content your audience will LOVE

MODULE 6: Grow Your Audience

  • Where to find heaps of your ideal followers on Instagram
  • The #1 Instagram growth strategy (the one I used to grow my following with over 10k new followers in under a year)
  • More visibility strategies to stack the deck in your favor for Instagram growth success